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How can you Test your Personal Trainer’s Expertise   no comments

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When you decide to invest your time and resources in personal fitness trainer Sydneythen you must do a little hard work to ensure that your decision has a great pay off. A personal trainer should be more than just an exercise instructor in fact he/she should have the capacity of introducing you to a holistic approach to good health and fitness. Here is how you can understand your trainer is really the best!

Does your trainer do this?

If your trainer is an expert professional then he must be doing the following things. You should be urged by your Sydney personal fitness trainer to make the best use of your time. The trainer should motivate you to exercise and demonstrate proper exercise techniques. He/she should also monitor your progress and adjust your workout regimen accordingly.

Another bonus point of hiring a good trainer is getting relevant advice on diet and nutrition and keeping you interested in your workout.

Does your trainer fit your objectives?

Personal fitness trainer Sydney is a company that is more than equipped to deal with your exercise objectives.  Your objectives might be losing weight, increasing muscle bulk, endurance enhancement or fitness training. You might also want to learn some new exercise form such as kickboxing, power yoga or pilates. Whatever your goal is, make sure that your trainer has enough experience and expertise in that particular area to help you achieve them.

Check out this video, a Personal Trainer explaining what he learned and how he got passionate and engaged in fitness training

Check out qualifications and certifications

Personal fitness trainer Sydney is qualified in the most advanced principles of fitness training. Some of the courses that have been studied are human anatomy, physiology, nutrition science, posture and movement and exercise science.

Personal fitness trainer Sydney is formally trained in assessment of fitness, design of exercise therapy courses, exercise instruction and a whole range of other fitness activities. Check whether your trainer has taken a number of CEC courses to enhance his/her knowledge and skills. You can also ask him/her about any professional associations that he might be a member of or any journals he might be subscribing to.

Check for specific skills that you might be looking for such as training in dealing with older adults and young children or specialisation in aqua training. The key rule is to determine what you are looking for and look for relevant qualifications in the personal fitness trainer Sydney.

Registration and proper insurance

Personal fitness trainer Sydney is duly registered with fitness Australia or physical activity Australia. You will always make a safer investment if you choose a trainer who is registered as there will be a set standard of performance.

Look for a trainer who has both public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. The personal trainer should be able to provide you with a valid reference list of ex or present clients. Take the trouble of calling up a couple of ex-clients to check on past performance.