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How a Bootcamp Trainer helps you Exercise the Right Way   no comments

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You already know about the huge benefits of exercise. But did you know that exercising in the wrong way can cause you more harm than good? You can expose your body to risk of injury, gain too much bulk or exhaust your body if you are not aware of the right exercise processes.  Boot camps Rushcutters Bay are the perfect place to enrol and learn exercise techniques as these camps have trained instructors who can teach you.

Warm ups and cool downs

Every proper workout session at Boot camps in Rushcutters Bay has three components; aerobic/ cardio vascular exercises, strength training and body flexibility exercises. However entering a intense workout session without a proper warm up increases the risk of muscle tears and sprains. In the same way after thee and of every workout session there should be a proper cooling period. Warm ups are usually done by brisk walking, cycling or light aerobics while cooling down is done by long full body stretches.

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Reach your target heart rate

The best benefits from your workout sessions can only be achieved if you manage to reach your target heart beat zone. Your trainer at Rushcutters Bay bootcamps will tell you about how to calculate your target heart beat rate. If you subtract your age from 220 you will get a number that denotes your maximum heart beat. Your ideal heart beat is 55%-85% of your maximum heart rate.

At the Rushcutters Bay bootcamp you will learn how to do workouts which will push your heart beat rate into the desired zone. Fitness science says that your workouts achieve maximum efficiency when you are working out at your ideal heart beat.

Do full body exercises

Rushcutters Bay boot camps have trained fitness instructors who can teach you all about full body workouts. Typically you can achieve the same fitness results with three days of full body workouts as you can with 5 days of segregated training.

However full body workouts are very intense and should be only done under the supervision of a trainer instructor. The thumb rule is to take care that all major muscle groups in the body are targeted.

Know when to rest

When you are working out hard you should ensure that your body gets enough rest periods to recuperate from the intense workouts. Not taking enough rest can be counterproductive and your body will be prone to injury. Your personal trainer at boot camp in Rushcutters Bay will tell you when to integrate rest periods n your schedule. Your trainer will also teach you to keep track of your pulse rate. If your fitness level is increasing your pulse rate should be decreasing. If this doesn’t happen understand that your body needs more rest

Make better lifestyle choices

The effectiveness of your exercise regime is directly dependent upon your lifestyle choices. Bootcamps in Rushcutters Bay will teach you how to eat right and make healthy decisions about your lifestyle. This is the reason why people who attend bootcamps are 70% more likely to learn correct techniques and achieve their exercise goals faster.

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